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Aircraft Battery Service Centre


Saft and    Marathon


Our Battery Service Center provides a wide array of support and services to ensure that customers' battery systems are robust, reliable and well-maintained for long-lasting optimization.

Strategic spare-part management: through our spare-parts supply service customers can be assured of access to genuine factory-certified spare parts. We ensure high availability of spares in stock and take care of the management of obsolete components.
Spare-part supply: Saft can take care of customers' off-site and on-site spares management to ensure they always have the right parts, at the right time and place to optimize restoration time in event of failure.

Meter life analysis is an innovative service that enables utilities to take the guesswork out of their metering asset-management decision-making processes. By drawing on real-life information gathered from batteries installed in their own fleet of meters, utilities can take fully-informed decisions – concerning keeping meters in service for an extended period of time or bringing forward a planned replacement programmed, for example.

Our installation and commissioning service is designed to ensure customers enjoy rapid and safe start-up, whether they are purchasing individual products or interfacing with a complete system. It covers the implementation of appropriate factory settings, adjustments and optimization of their systems. We offer particular expertise in Ni-Cad technology, especially in electronics and automation.

There is a need to maintain an inventory of spare parts and batteries are no exception. Also, like other aircraft components, batteries have a shelf life and maintenance requirements while in storage. The maintenance intervals and level of maintenance are directly related to the temperature at which the batteries are stored. Any batteries in storage or for long-term projects are being sure to be 100% reliable when needed.

Our Battery Maintenance Training (BMT) provides general guidance on how to efficiently manage nickel-cadmium batteries. It helps customers increase service life and cut operating costs

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